Uninsured services

There are a few services not covered by OHIP like hand warts, forms, travel medicine consultation, etc
In order for you to be prepared please check the non OHIP services before you book your appointment. You will find details of these services under uninsured services
Uninsured Billing Fees (Not Covered by OHIP)
Service Fees
Minor Assessment $40.00
Intermediate Assessment $69.00
General Assessment $120.00
Travel medicine visit $50.00
Sick/Back to work $20.00
Custom absence form (including Fed Employee Absence Note) $30.00
Short Form (School/University/Camp/Daycare/Gym Health Certification, Trip Cancellation) $30.00
Extended Form without exam $60.00
Long Form (Insurance: Auto/Disability/Life/Private, Immigration Report, CPP Report) $150.00
Driver’s Medical Exam (Does not include the form) $120.00
Attending Physicians Statement $250.00
Skin Tags: Initial (1-5) $50.00

$5.00 per skin tag thereafter
Shave Excision (Moles/Skin lesions): initial (1-2)  not cancerous $75.00$25.00 per lesion thereafter
Full Excision (Moles/Cysts): Initial (1) $100.00$50.00 per lesion thereafter
Liquid Nitrogen Therapy (Warts, Seborrheic Keratosis): Initial (1) $30.00$10.00 per wart thereafter
Travel vaccine injection $10.00 per injection
Prescription for any vaccine without seeing a doctor $15.00
 3rd party forms  $50
Printing Charge $5 if < 5 pages

$10 for more

Chart Transfer – Full Chart $100.00
TB/Mantoux Test (includes reading and form completion)  $40.00 per step